This Super Cute Cafe And Local Art Gallery Just Opened In Ottawa’s East End

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

This Super Cute Cafe And Local Art Gallery Just Opened In Ottawa’s East End

The Art of Bean coffee shop, spear-headed by the duo Elizabeth and Jordan, have been bustling with orders since their opening a couple weeks ago in Orleans. While their coffees are certainly fantastic, the atmosphere of this cafe and its neighbour, the Niche Gallery, is what makes the space so special.

Serving up specialty brews all day long, the Art of Bean has already found its way to the heart of the community here in the East End. Right before the start of covid, The Niche Gallery was scheduled to launch as a unique event space and hub of local art and music.

Given the obvious limitations of restrictions, the brain-child of Morgan Hamilton-Kirk was reimagined, and like everything else, went virtual. Throughout covid, the Niche Gallery continued with their mission of supporting local and youth artists, by providing them an opportunity to showcase their art and fostering a supportive, inclusive community online.

Fortunately, the Niche Gallery is now able to operate in person! And even better, it’s joined by the delicious Art of Bean coffee shop! This unique spot is perfect for artists to showcase their music, poetry and all other forms of art in a truly collaborative and community-oriented space. No matter who you are or what you do, sipping on a latte at the Art of Bean is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Complete with fantastic coffees, teas and local treats, it’s a fabulous place to not just work, but a community to be a part of. The Niche Gallery is currently hosting exhibitions of plenty of local Ottawa artists that we highly suggest checking out. Their website also serves as a virtual gallery guide where you can read up on the inspirations for their works and buy their art!

Restrictions permitting, the Niche Gallery and Art of Bean hope to host some live music events, poetry readings, and tons of other events to highlight some of the incredible local talent we have here in Ottawa. Art, coffee, and a good vibe – what’s not to love about this place? It’s the type of place you’ll want to become a regular at, so spread the word!

Where: 16-1439 Youville Dr Orleans, ON
When: Monday-Thursday 7am – 7pm, Friday 7am – 4pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm, Sundays closed
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