Here Are Ottawa’s 3 Best Candy Shops To Try Before Halloween

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Here Are Ottawa’s 3 Best Candy Shops To Try Before Halloween

Here’s 3 of the best candy shops in Ottawa for you to pick up all your Halloween sweets!

1. Sugar Mountain 

Sugar Mountain is one of the most popular candy shops in all of Ottawa. What’s super cool is that over 40% of their packaged candy is imported from outside of North America. So you can try all the craziest flavours from the UK, Mexico, Holland – you name it! And every Wednesday, is “CHEAT DAY”, where you can enjoy 50% off all bulk candy with the password posted on their instagram.


Location: 110 Place d’Orleans Dr Orléans, ON  and 100 Bayshore Dr Ottawa, ON


2. Exotic Bottega 

This candy wonderland is filled with a massive selection of specialty candies, delicious chocolates and imported chips. Anyone you know with a sweet tooth is bound to have their dreams come true with a visit here. From red velvet Chips Ahoy to Twinkies flavoured ice lattes, the Exotic Bottega has taken things to the next level in terms of flavour.


Location: 100 Murray St Ottawa, ON


3. Squish 

This female-owned Canadian candy shop has blown up in popularity recently. They have tons of gourmet vegan gummies made with natural ingredients that’ll make those absorbent amount of sweets you’re eating feel a bit more guilt-free. They’ve got sweet, sour and vegan options in tons of different flavours making Squish a must-try sweet before Halloween. Our personal favourites are their piña coladas and sour peach hearts…yum!


Locations: Find all their retailers in Ottawa at this store locator.

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