5 Of The Best Italian Restaurants In Ottawa’s Little Italy

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5 Of The Best Italian Restaurants In Ottawa’s Little Italy
Celebrate International Pasta Day at one of best Italian restaurants in Ottawa!

1. La Roma

The delicious house-made pasta at La Roma is some of our favourite in the city. You’ve got to try their delicious ravioli with braised beef and rose sauce. And if you’re vegetarian – their Fazzoletti pasta squares are stuffed with spinach and ricotta in a tomato béchamel sauce. The creamy goodness of your wildest dreams…


Location: 430 Preston Street


2. Dreamland Cafe

This casual but funky pasta joint in Ottawa’s Little Italy is fantastic when it comes to unique and delicious flavours. They’ve got a Spicy Eggplant pasta with pecorino, sweet corn and a dill pickle encrusted goat cheese patty that’ll totally capture your heart. And if the great atmosphere alone wasn’t enough to have you running back, their pasta will for sure.


Location: 262 Preston St Ottawa


3. La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita truly makes everyone’s lives a bit sweeter, with a huge regular *and* celiac menu! All of your friends, no matter what their dietary restriction might be, can indulge in their delicious and authentic pastas. This Italian restaurant has one of Ottawa’s best selection of gluten-free bites, it’s amazing!


Location: 180 Preston St Ottawa


4. Giovanni’s

Giovanni’s, a long-time staple in the Italian food scene in Ottawa, perfectly balances traditional Italian with a modern and classy vibe. Frequented by celebrities and a more upscale crowd, this Italian restaurant is a must-visit for fine dining. From classic dishes like Vitello Fricassea to the specialty pastas of the day, you can’t go wrong with anything you try here.


Location: 362 Preston St Ottawa


5. La Favorita

This family-friendly Italian restaurant truly embodies the warmth and comfort one experiences with Italian cooking. Our favourite has to be their Seafood Linguine, jam-packed with the finest shrimps, scallops, crabs and mussels. We can’t get enough.


Location: 356 Preston St Ottawa

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