Canada’s Largest Online Candy Store Is Hiring Remote Taste Testers For Up To $30/Hour

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Canada’s Largest Online Candy Store Is Hiring Remote Taste Testers For Up To $30/Hour

Looking for a whimsical career change? You can now become a ‘Candyologist’.

Does getting paid to eat candy and chocolate at home sound like a dream job to you? If you answered yes, I have some fantastic news for you. Apparently, a perfect position like that actually exists, and there are some positions open right now! 

Candy Funhouse is currently looking for candy and chocolate taste testers (or ‘Candyologists’, as they like to call them) to try out their unreleased and existing products. The job can be carried out by a Canadian or US citizen from their home, wherever that may be in North America. The Ontario-based company is hoping to fill multiple full-time and part-time positions, and they’re paying up to $30 an hour to compensate you for your sugar-filled efforts. What a sweet opportunity!

To be eligible for the remote jobs, you must first and foremost have a passion for confectionery— you’ll be tasting a wide variety of candy and chocolate, after all! You also must be over 18 years of age and can’t have any food allergies.

Other qualifications include:

  • You must have a high school diploma
  • You’ll need basic writing skills
  • You’ll need good communication skills
  • You have to be fluent in English

During the process, applicants will be expected to demonstrate “enthusiasm and eagerness”, as well as the ability to provide honest and objective opinions on the company’s numerous products, taking factors such as taste, texture, and quality into consideration. 

Successful candidates will get to play a role in choosing the candy creations that will make up Candy Funhouse’s first-ever branded candy line.

If this has in any way caught your interest, you should apply online asap! Applications close on February 15, 2021 and there’s no doubt that competition will be fierce.

Good luck to all hopefuls!

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