How To Spend The Day At Gatineau Park

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How To Spend The Day At Gatineau Park

With the most picturesque scenery and a fantastic network of trails, Gatineau Park is the nature lover’s paradise for a day-trip out of Ottawa. Only 20 minutes by car from downtown, there are plenty of outdoor activities on land and in the water for you to experience. 


1. Pink Lake Trail 

A favourite for hikers, the stunning Pink lake is actually green! The crystal clear waters and well-maintained trail make this a must-see in the park.

While Gatineau park has over 183km of trails, this one might be our favourite. Only 2.3km, this moderate loop is ideal for everyone.

2. Wilson Carbide Ruins

This stunning ruins is the most iconic view of waterfalls in Gatineau park. Located really close to Meech Lake, take Trail 36 from the park lot on Chemn du Lac-Meech for access.

Only 3.25km roundtrip, it’s well worth the trek to experience the tranquility of the falls.

3. Kayak at Meech Lake 

Hop in the water on a nice sunny day and enjoy a peaceful kayak. Gliding through these calm waters is like out of a dream.

Not feeling like getting wet? Just post up on the beach and catch some rays along the water.

4. Bike the network of trails 

Fun for the whole family or with some of your road-riding friends, Gatineau Park has plenty of routes for a bike ride. The entirety of the park is incredibly scenic, but check out some of best spots via Ottawa’s Capital Pathway.

The Gatineau Park Pathway aka Trail 5 is only 12.5km of mellow terrain and really is the best route through the park. All in all, Gatineau park has over 32km of hilly, winding roads so be prepared!

5. Have a picnic 

Scattered all around Gatineau park are fantastic spots to spread out a blanket and have a picnic. Bring some drinks and sweet treats to really savour this beautiful oasis. It’s hard to believe how close to Ottawa you are. 

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