Ottawa’s Arctic Cold Temperatures To Continue This Weekend

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Ottawa’s Arctic Cold Temperatures To Continue This Weekend

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, temperatures dropped to a shocking -36 degrees celsius with windchill in Ottawa.


Environment Canada warned Monday that the “bitterly cold arctic air combined with light winds will bring extremely cold wind chills to the region” and it certainly did…Even though the sun is shining, it felt like -22 degrees Tuesday afternoon.

Luckily, today looks like we’ve have some reprieve from the cold with temperatures warming to zero degrees during the day.  Starting Friday, the sunshine will bring some more cold nights with lows of -37 with windchill. This cold snap looks like it’ll continue through the weekend before marginally warming up Sunday afternoon.


Stay safe this chilly weekend by wearing warm base layers, a hat and mittens. Ottawa Public Health has issued a Frostbite Advisory so check in to make sure your loved ones are being careful in this cold snap.

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