Ottawa’s Ten-Eight Performance Gym Launches Outdoor Boxing Classes

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Ottawa’s Ten-Eight Performance Gym Launches Outdoor Boxing Classes

Wanting to try a fun, new workout class this summer? Ottawa’s Ten-Eight Performance Gym has launched outdoor boxing classes!


The Ten-Eight Performance Gym has been running their outdoor boxing classes for a month now, in adherence to the province’s health mandates. Although most of their returning boxers are used to indoor work and drills, the restrictions have enabled the Ten-Eight team to get creative with their classes. Even better, it’s the best time for beginners to join and learn the basics. Each outdoor boxing class focuses primarily on technique, balance and form to get our bodies moving again.

Now really is the perfect time for newcomers to the sport to learn the proper technique, footwork, and positioning. By the time Ottawa gyms can return to indoor sessions, they’ll have all the preliminary skills to excel. It’s the ideal time to pick up a fun and exciting new sport that challenges you physically and keeps your mind sharp. With only four people per class, you’ll have plenty of space and 1-on-1 time with your coach to learn.

The outdoor boxing classes run Monday – Thursday, between 4 – 6PM.

Check out their website to sign up for the next class!

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