Ottawa’s Uprise Fit Studio Continues Outdoor Workouts This Month

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Ottawa’s Uprise Fit Studio Continues Outdoor Workouts This Month

One of Ottawa’s favourite workout studios is up-and-running with fantastic outdoor classes this month. Until the gyms are able to open indoors, the team at Uprise Fit has a killer schedule of boot camps and running groups to get you outside and active. 


As of right now, Uprise Fit has Saturday morning boot camps and Friday running groups, as well as mid-week classes. These group sessions are the perfect place to keep our mind and body engaged, have a laugh, and feel good in our bodies. Each class is between 4-8 people and is a fun way to connect with buddies and get moving again.  

These dynamic workouts include circuits, HIIT intervals, work with bands, and yoga-style core exercises and mat work before ending in a well-deserved stretch. If this is your first time back working out after the lockdown, don’t be shy because your coach will scale up or down the workout to make the class accessible for everyone. 

For the team, these boot camps are all about reconnecting with the community again. With movement is the purpose and goal of these sessions, it’s a fun and safe space for everyone. Bring a friend or family for some partner work in these boot camps or pop in on one of their group runs. Much more than just running with friends, the Uprise Fit team has an incredible run coach that’ll focus on nutrition advice, stretching and functionality in the workout. 

Sign up here for one of their upcoming classes! 

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