Turkey Attempts To Hop On Ottawa Bus Before Thanksgiving

Gabriel Nunes Gabriel Nunes

Turkey Attempts To Hop On Ottawa Bus Before Thanksgiving

This turkey has no plans to stick around for Thanksgiving dinner.

Yes, you read that right: a wild turkey was spotted trying to enter a bus in Ottawa last week. 

In a possible attempt to flee town before Canadian Thanksgiving Day, a turkey was seemingly trying to hop on a city vehicle.


A witness, Bonnie Taylor, told CTV News Ottawa that she saw the wild creature trying to get inside an OC Transpo bus after walking out of the Ontario Nurses Association office.

Ultimately, the turkey did not succeed in its attempt to enter. Maybe the little feller would have been allowed on the bus if it remembered to bring its mask.

This is not the first time a turkey has been spotted wandering Ottawa’s streets.  In fact, he’s actually quite the celebrity.

There’s even a Twitter account dedicated to Ottawa’s turkey and sightings of it!

Who knows where we’ll end up seeing Ottawa’s famous turkey next.

[Featured Image Source: Wikimedia Commons / Thorswolf / CC BY-SA]

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