Where To Find Authentic Montreal-Style Bagels In Ottawa

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Where To Find Authentic Montreal-Style Bagels In Ottawa

Anyone that has been out east knows that Montreal-style bagels are next level. Luckily, Ottawa has a few spots where you can find close to the real thing.

Authentic Montreal-style bagels are boiled in honey water and cooked in old-school, wood fired ovens. The result? Slightly sweet, golden crunchy crust and a distinctly rich flavour. Trust us, it’s unbeatable.


1. Kettlemans 

This authentic bagel stop makes 9,000 bagels fresh daily and is open 24 hours a day. This means you can satisfy that Montreal bagel craving no matter the hour. Founded back in 1993 and still using the traditional method of rolling, kettling and baking in a wood-burning oven, Kettlemans is a classic. 


2. Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli 

Another long-standing bagel bakery in Ottawa, this spot stays authentic Montreal-style with hand-rolled and boiled in honey water bagels. Old-school and simple, Ottawa bagel shop is another go-to for the finest bagels in the city. 


3. Cadmans Montreal Bagels 

With Montreal literally in the name, if you’re looking for the best quality bagel – you know Cadmans will deliver. With the finest natural ingredients, you can literally watch the traditional Montreal-style bagels be made in their two locations. 


4. The Bagel Run 

The Bagel Run owner started at the famous Fairmont Bagels in Montreal so you know it’s legit. They also have a huge selection of home-made cream cheeses for the whole package. 


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