The 8 Tastiest Breakfast Sandwiches You Can Find In Ottawa

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The 8 Tastiest Breakfast Sandwiches You Can Find In Ottawa

Here’s 8 of the best breakfast sandwiches in Ottawa.


1. Headquarters

This spot is a staple in Ottawa’s breakfast scene, but have you ever tried their oozying breakfast sandwich? Complete with all the gooey-goodness of eggs, bacon and cheese – just looking at this photo has got our mouths watering. They also have a fantastic veggie breakfast sandwich to please everyone.


Where: 15 Clarence St Ottawa


2. Art-Is-In-Bakery

You can never go wrong stopping at Art-Is-In Bakery for breakfast before starting your day. Dip that baby in some of their homemade ketchup, and we guarantee, you’ll have the biggest smile on your face. How can you not when it looks this good?!


Where: 250 City Centre Ave #112 Ottawa


3. Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli

Jam-packed with crispy bacon, sausage, ham, eggs and even a potato pancake – this Bagelshop Breakfast Beast really steps up the breakfast sandwich game here in Ottawa. And if that sounds like too much, you can’t go wrong with a classic Montreal-style breakfast sandwich complete with smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers. This spot has some of the best montreal-style bagels in town.


Where: 1321 Wellington St Ottawa


4. Bread and Sons

This lovely breakfast spot, Bread and Sons, has tons of different delicious treats to take home with you, but their focaccia sandwiches are what have us dreaming about this place. Their Gauda sandwich, filled with layers and layers of the freshest ingredients is fantastic and they have the most buttery, savoury breakfast croissants too. It’s so hard to choose.


Where: 195 Bank St, Ottawa


5. The SconeWitch

Would you just look at that stack?! Sconewitch’s Ham & Gruyere breakfast sandwich is filled with the makings of a finger-licking breakfast sandwich, on one of their famous savoury Cheddar scones. We can never decide between this and their Cream Cheese, Cucumber and Cranberry Mango chutney sconewitch. We’ll just have to keep going back.


Where: 150 Elgin Street, 1638 Cyrville Road, Unit 4, 35 Beechwood Avenue, and 393 Winston Avenue Ottawa


6. Gooney’s Arepas and Sandwich Works

If you want a twist on your classic breakfast sandwich, you have to try Gooney’s. Their breakfast arepas, a classic Latin American dish, are a fantastic addition to any morning. Our personal favourite is the Matahambre – complete with two eggs, chorizo, feta cheese and their home-made coriander sauce. Once you go arepa, you never go back.


Where: 360 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa

7. Wild Oat Bakery 

The delightful Wild Oat Bakery is a reliable spot for freshly-baked breads of all kinds and what better way to try their bread that filled with all the delicious makings of a breakfast sandwich? Their beloved breakfast sandwich is not only super tasty, but also affordable! We love upgrading to a croissant and adding goat cheese…


Where: 817 Bank Street Ottawa


8. Sanguiccio Deli Cafe

You’re starving? Head straight to Saanguiccio. This authentic Italian deli-shop has been serving up some of Ottawa’s most loaded up sandwiches for years, but have you tried their All-Day Breakfast sandwich yet? This huge sandwich is the perfect hangover cure if you’re needing something a little extra.


Where: 183 Preston St Ottawa


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