10 Ottawa Born Athletes To Watch In The Tokyo Olympics

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10 Ottawa Born Athletes To Watch In The Tokyo Olympics

Canada is the home to tons of incredible athletes. With the opening ceremony kicked off, now is the time to support our local athletes in the long waited Olympic Games. Each of these athletes have worked so incredibly hard and dealt with the serious unpredictability of these games that it’s important for us to cheer our Ottawa athletes on. 


1. Alicia Brown

Age: 31

Sport: Athletics – Women’s 4×400-metre relay

Having already competed in Rio de Janeiro  back in 2016, this will be her second Olympic Games!

2. Cam Smedley 

Age: 30

Sport: Canoe-Kayak – Slalom

Coming in 5th at the Tokyo 2020 test event, Cam is a must-watch this Olympic games!


3. Derek Gee

Age: 23

Sport: Cycling – Track

Although this is Derek’s first Olympics, he won 2 gold medals at the 2019 Pan-Am games!


4. Gabriela Dabrowski

Age: 29

Sport: Tennis

Gaby has captured the hearts of many Canadians since she started and has become the first Canadian women to win a senior Grand Slam title! You have to keep your eye on her.


5. Jordan Steen

Age: 30

Sport: Wrestling

The bronze medalists at the Commonwealth Games in 2018, Jordan is a top competitor for the games this summer!


6. Kelleigh Ryan

Age: 34

Sport: Fencing

A long-time athlete, Kelleigh has been competing for the Canadian Olympic team for over ten years! She’s definitely a must-watch from home-town Ottawa.




7. Madeline Schmidt

Age: 26

Sport: Canoe-Kayak – Sprint

Back in 2018, she and her crew captured the gold at the Pan-Am games. You have to watch this incredible race.


8. Melissa Bishop-Nriagu

Age: 32

Sport: Athletics – 800 metres

Back in Rio in 2016, Melissa set the Canadian record for the 800m final and finished fourth. This incredible athlete is a must-see in the track events.

9. Michael Foley

Age: 22

Sport: Cycling – Track

In 2019, Michael secured 2 gold medals at the Pan-Am games. Catch him competing in both cycling and track events this summer!


10. Vincent De Haître

Age: 27

Sport: Cycling – Track

A multi-discipline athlete, Vincent has competed in both summer and winter games. Be sure to watch him showcase his skills in various events after earning 3 silver medals back at the 2018 Canadian Track Championships.

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