Ottawa’s Own Love-Lock Bridge Looks Straight Out Of Europe

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Ottawa’s Own Love-Lock Bridge Looks Straight Out Of Europe

Plenty of us in Ottawa have been across Ottawa’s Corktown Footbridge. But have you ever noticed the numerous “love locks” that line the railing? This romantic spot to watch the sunset and commemorate your love will make you feel like you’re in Europe.


From the bridge, the views of Parliament and Chateau Laurier are like out of a fairytale. Located on Somerset Street by the University of Ottawa and Sandy Hill, it’s the perfect date night stroll to watch the sunset along the Rideau canal. It almost feels like you’re at the iconic Pont des Arts in Paris.

Placing a lock on the bridge, overlooking the water is a heart-warming yet simple reminder of the strength and longevity of your relationship. Whether with a best friend or a lover, the countless locks along the Corktown Footbridge really are a sight to behold. Next time you’re on a walk around here, take a moment to admire the many icons of love. 

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