Where To Find The Best Ramen Restaurants In Ottawa

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Where To Find The Best Ramen Restaurants In Ottawa

These Ottawa restaurants serve up ramen that is truly ‘oishii’ (meaning yummy in Japanese).

The dreary winter cold is a perfect excuse to dig into some hot comfort food when our taste buds crave a seasonal pick-me-up. Out of all the options available, there’s a notoriously delicious and popular dish you absolutely must try in Ottawa when temperatures are low: ramen.

The Japanese created and perfected the art of cooking ramen, an addictively flavourful, savoury, traditional Japanese noodle soup that comes in many unique varieties and with a wide range of toppings. Ramen is now eaten and loved all over the world, including in Ottawa. You don’t want to confuse ramen with the packaged instant noodles you can quickly cook at home — a fresh bowl of ramen is way healthier and has a distinguishable taste and texture.

While a trip to Japan to slurp on a completely authentic bowl of ramen would certainly be memorable, it’s so much easier to just grab a similarly delectable bowl of ramen from a local Japanese restaurant. Fortunately, Ottawa has quite a number of restaurants serving up their own tasty variations of the iconic Japanese dish. We’ve listed seven of the best ramen restaurants in Ottawa below for your convenience.

Given the present circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, some restaurants may be temporarily closed or open for delivery and/or takeaway only.

1. Sansotei

Multiple locations

2. Koichi

Address: 832 Somerset St W

3. Kuidaore

Address: 420 Preston Street

4. Hanabi

Address: 434 Bank Street

5. Datsun

Address: 380 Elgin Street

6. J:Unique Kitchen

Address: 381 Cooper Street

7. Wasabi

Address: 41 Clarence Street 

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