9 Things To Do In Ottawa This July 

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

9 Things To Do In Ottawa This July 

Now that Ontario is in Step 2 of their Reopening Plan there are more and more fun events to try this month. Although restrictions remain in place and covid-19 numbers continue to be monitored, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you and your family or friends to partake in this July! 


1. Join a fitness class 

Needing something to boost those endorphins and get you outside with friends? Try one of Ottawa’s many outdoor fitness classes. Whether you’re into hill climbing bootcamps or paddle boarding yoga there is something for everyone to try this July. 


2. Go stargazing on a hot summer’s night 

You know it’s deep into summer when you can chill comfortably in a t-shirt after dark. And what better way to enjoy the heat at night than to look up and admire endless stars? Less than a couple hours outside of Ottawa, you can visit an incredible Dark Sky Preserve and be awestruck by the night sky.


3. Visit the Canadian Museum of History’s Queens of Egypt exhibit

If you’ve been missing travel and craving a bit of culture and history this July, try out the Canadian Museum of History’s Queens of Egypt exhibit. The stunning artifacts in this collection are sure to spark that curiosity in you as you learn the incredible stories about these iconic women. 


4. Try a bike tour 

This July, rent a bike and explore some of the city’s incredible sights! Nothing beats a day outside through Ottawa’s neighbourhood and nature. Check out one of our favourite biking tours, Ottawa Escape Tours here


5. Go on an adventure day-trip out of the city 

The summer is heating up and that means it’s the ideal time to take a day-trip outside of Ottawa and adventure to some nearby lakes and hiking trails. There are so many incredible sites that’ll provide the natural escape we’re all craving this month. Check out 10 of the best summer day trips here


6. Visit a Drive-in movie theatre 

Still looking for a fun night out this July even when the weather’s gloomy? Try one of Ottawa’s drive-in movie theatres! You can find an updated list of the weekend showings here


7. Check out Parc Omega at night! 

The newest event at this stunning nature reserve, Parc Omega is now offering night tours! Adventure along a 1.5km walking trail through the Land of the Pioneers and past the wolf observatory. Grab your tickets here  to check it out one night this July


8. Have a picnic with a view 

Sit back and watch the sunset with some friends at one of the city’s many stunning vistas this July. There are plenty of spots to enjoy a picnic either along the water or in a quiet park. Check out a list of our favourites here


9. Check out some nearby waterfalls 

Although Ottawa itself is home to plenty of stunning urban waterfalls, there is something especially fun about adventuring out of the city for a natural oasis. These incredible waterfalls are only 45 minutes away from downtown, so you’ll have to check them out this July.